2 thoughts on “Pravda: Americans never give up your guns”

  1. Legally, they do have the right, these days, but are under pressure not to. Regardless, there are lots of illegal weapons in private hands.

    My last impression of just how many dates back to early 1990s when I was once stopped by heavily armed police for a weapons search at the Moscow beltway. I attempted to ridicule the cops for doing what I thought was the wrong kind of search. They had a quick look in the trunk and in the glove compartment, then checked my passenger’s lady bag and said we were clear to go. I pointed out to them that I could have concealed a rifle in a number of places they had not checked, not to mention handguns. One of them said: “See that pile?” — and he pointed towards a fairly substantial heap of all sorts of weapons, including hand grenades and AK47s, near the entrance to their hut. It was about ten feet wide and three feet high. “We don’t need to search. That’s the stuff we’ve confiscated today from the dumbasses holding their guns in their lap as they drive by”.

    I haven’t been there for a long time, but I presume things are about the same as they were in 1990s. There is some gun control, but it has never been the sort of divisive political issue that it is in the U.S.

  2. Actually, there isn’t a right to defend your possessions with deadly force. But even so, why the accolade? I don’t think Russians have the right to keep & bear.

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