3 thoughts on “Other Tyrants Who Have Used Children As Props”

  1. Bill; Obama needs to confiscate our assault weapons in order to give them to the Mexican drug cartels. He has already given them over 2,000 assault rifles at taxpayer expense. Paying for weapons to kill innocent Mexican ciizens and our own border agents leaves me with an “emotional reaction”! So be a little “off put”!

  2. I have no idea what propelled Adam Lansa to overkill the children in Newtown. But it most certainly was not to promote control.

    David Brooks’ observation that the various episodes of mass shooting were by persons intent on what they were doing. They gathered weapons, ammunition, and some armor. They chose targets and carried out plans. Accepting the availability of weapons as guaranteed by the second amendment, as we must,, we just have to live with some of this. One commenter to this blog went through a lengthy list of similar atrocities in other countries with different gun regulations.

    I find the emotional reaction to our President off putting. He simply reflects the desire of the American people to do something about the horror at Newtown. The ability to fire off thirty bullets rat-a-tat instead of just 10 leaves me cold..

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