4 thoughts on “Obama shuts down jobs council”

  1. It was a good move for Imelt. he got Obama to bless GE being able to pay no income taxes for another year.
    Perhaps that was in the 90% of accomplishments.

  2. It’s hard for me to say whether I’m more disgusted with Immelt or Obama over Obama’s economic policy. The responsibility is Obama’s but Immelt’s status has lent Obama some cover.
    Obama has focused like a laser beam on jobs — the kind of laser Specter was always using to blow up submarines and cities. I got an e-mail from Sen. Max Baucus about jobs for veterans. All I could think was, “If we had jobs, we’d have jobs for veterans.” But people like Baucus and Obama miss that somehow in their hatred of wealth and achievement.

  3. I’d say it was 100% effective. It’s only goal was to be cover for Obama that he was “doing something” about jobs and the economy. In this regard, it was enough to get him re-elected.

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