8 thoughts on “Obama: ‘Preserving our freedoms requires collective action’”

  1. Preserving individual liberty does call for collective action, primarily voting for people who will preserve liberty. Also collectively raising our voices through groups like the NRA and the TEA Party.

  2. The only collective action he wants is to collect all the guns. Our Second Amendment guarantees all other rights and freedoms. Without it, we cease being citizens and become subjects.

  3. ‘Preserving our freedoms requires collective action’

    Absolutely Orwellian. Freedom is the exact opposite of collective.

  4. Exactly. Perhaps some folks who support the second amendment would “explain” to the politicians exactly what “consent of the governed” means.

  5. Orwellian is right. But I’m more careful these days when I use terms like that to describe people. On another blog I was censored for calling some of the Obama’s ideas “Marxist” although they clearly are.

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