3 thoughts on “NYTimes: Biggest issue for Davos is ‘rapidly deteriorating global environment’”

  1. We should remember that the gruesome figure of 2 degrees quoted by Professor Lovejoy is, according to Professor Phil Jones, (the brain behind Climategate) “pulled out of thin air”. But without that, Prof L. would have had nothing to write about in NYTimes!
    Where do these people get the idea that the environment is deteriorating? Haven’t they seen the yellow stuff lying over SF and San Jose 40 years ago and compared it to the clean air of today???

  2. The world’s environemnt is, if anything, healthier than a hundred years ago. Wealthy societies have worked to reduce the environmental imprint that our species, like all species, leaves on the planet. Some of that work is due to voluntary decisions and some due to regulation.
    It’s easier to get more regulation if you claim there’s a need, and the NY Times loves it some regulation, so of coure they will proclaim the need.

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