3 thoughts on “New England Journal of Medicine Commentary: Social Withdrawal and Violence — Newtown, Connecticut”

  1. “…the mental health community is responding to our own and others’ desperation to understand why this event occurred and is advocating for strategies that might prevent similar events in the future.”
    ‘Understanding’ would not have prevented this tragedy. A person on the scene who was trained and equipped to stop Lanza would have saved far more lives than ‘understanding why’ Lanza was there.
    I talking WOULD have prevented the event, not MIGHT have prevented the event!
    The best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is to have a good guy with a gun in the same place and time.

  2. They do NOT offer any evidence that Lanza was so seduced.

    Their key finding: “More research is needed.”

    “We, the mental health community, want to make some money off this tragedy.”

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