Mass. official blasts ‘voracious appetite’ of EPA ‘beast’

“Worcester Department of Public Works & Parks Commissioner Robert Moylan had little love for the Environmental Protection Agency and the more than $1 billion in mandated water and sewer projects the city will be required to undertake in a report to the City Council regarding infrastructure needs over the next five years.”

“”These questions need to be thoughtfully considered and seriously debated because the course that we are on now, trying to satisfy the voracious appetite of the Federal beast called EPA, will not leave any funding to allow the city to make its own self-directed improvements that the community desires.” []

2 thoughts on “Mass. official blasts ‘voracious appetite’ of EPA ‘beast’”

  1. You beat me to it. Well said. I’m sure that, being a good blue state, the administration will come up with a way to fund this by sticking it to the rest of us.

  2. They vote for Obama and Elizabeth Warren then whine when EPA sticks it to them.

    Whah. Whah. Whah. We’re stuck with your decision, too.

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