IBD: Gore Takes Big Oil Cash From Anti-Semitic Al Jazeera

So why would Al Jazeera buy this lemon?

“Mark it up as a three-fer in greedy hypocrisy for Gore. He gives anti-Semitic Islamists more influence in America, takes $100 million in cash from Big Oil (after making a lucrative living by claiming that it’s destroying the planet), and gives those same greenhouse gasbags a foothold in the U.S. media.” [Investor’s Business Daily]

2 thoughts on “IBD: Gore Takes Big Oil Cash From Anti-Semitic Al Jazeera”

  1. Al Jazeera would buy this lemon because there’s a vast market out there for people who want to be able to watch non-Islamophobic news. The opportunities for politically correctness will be endless. Such as a broadcast of the annual public celebrations of 9/11 in the Middle East. Maybe it will even become a festive holiday with the Leftists over here. Sales of promotional items such as ‘Osama died for your sins’ t-shirts and coffee mugs. Promote themselves as ‘not part of the Jew-controlled media’ and feature lots of anti-Semitic propaganda — insulated from criticism by Islamophilia.

    First they built mosques, then bought a national cable TV channel, next is Sharia in the courtroom. $500 million is a bargain.

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