3 thoughts on “How Climate Change Could Wipe Out the Western Forests”

  1. Clearing the forests for fire wood is a great idea. Burning wood in a power plant, even if a tad more expensive than using coal or oil, sure beats fighting massive infernos.

  2. No one mentions the Great Yellowstone Fire of 1988 (I believe.) I guess it wasn’t caused by climate change back then, right?

    Not to worry. As fuel prices go up due to wind and solar added in to the grid and NG and LPG costs go up and employment and jobs go down, I suspect Americans will do as the Europeans and start clear-cutting the forests for firewood. Problem solved.

  3. “The fire that burned through Forest Canyon, a breathtaking stretch of wilderness ringed by snowy peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, started in October and burned long past the end of the fire season. Trees still smoldered in late December, and the smoke mixed with dry snow blowing in the air. Known as the Fern Lake Fire, the blaze tore through 3,500 acres of land”

    We’re safe for now. The blaze tore through 3,500 acres in TWO MONTHS, from October to December.
    What a maroon.

    I personally ran from the Schultz Fire in 2010. I was at Wupatki when it closed. 15,000 acres burned in a few days. I have some very dramatic pix. The writer for the Atlantic obviously has no knowledge of western fires, and writes from ignorance.

    But writes very well.

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