5 thoughts on “Holdren says CO2 rules for existing coal plants likely”

  1. Before we snicker at the claims of Obama and his imminent-disaster crowd, let us acknowledge that they have already succeeded in wreaking change here–in the name of cleansing our environs of man-made CO2. Just look at the results. We must put corn in our gas tanks. We must close coal mines, raising U.S. energy costs (even as China digs more of them than we close). We must buy costlier cars which burn less gas. We must pay for daffy windmills that produce energy only when the wind blows. All in the name of saving us from more warming–or climate extremes. None of the advocates, however, ever seem to acknowledge what science says about the influence of, ahem, the sun

  2. I need to get onto my Member of the House and ask him to start agitating for a law to block CO2 regulation specifically.

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