3 thoughts on “Green Economics: Lose-Lose”

  1. The UN isn’t dumb. They are a gang of the shrewdest budding dictators the world has ever seen, because they don’t have to shoot anybody but cover their ill doings under the shroud of democracy. Look at how the IPCC reports are fabricated by voting! Look at what happens when the UN really should do something to protect peace: Africa, former Yugoslavia, what have you! Peace troupes stand in their white helmets looking when people slaughter each other. Just wait and see what happens to the Ecuador oil after some time if UN takes command.
    The UNEP and IPCC climate and environment jokers are sucking our billions holding luxury climate conferences in the plushest of places while people in Africa is starving without common utilities like water and electricity, burning cow shit (if there is any, that,is) and trees to cook their rotten food and drink their sour milk without possibilities to heat or cool it properly.

  2. Here is a game. Ecuador should take the money. Wait a year or so and say sorry. Then develop the field. Pocket 10B rather than 7B. How dumb is the UN? Not enough space for that.

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