13 thoughts on “Gingrich: ‘If Gun Control Works, Chicago Ought to Be Safe’”

  1. “…a gun dealer in, say, Rome NY can lawfully sell to any US resident. In fact, the dealer probably has to sell to any qualified US resident; the dealer isn’t supposed to judge customers by their addresses, after all.”

    Per Federal law, It’s my understanding that a NY dealer cannot sell a handgun directly to a resident of another State (must go thru a dealer in that State.) He can only sell a long gun directly to residents of NY and contiguous States.

  2. Jim,
    You are correct our guns won’t be taken away this time, but that’s what they want and they will do so incrementally if allowed to.

  3. If you take blacks out of the U.S. “homicide by firearm discharge” data, the rate drops from 2.9 per 100,000 to 2.0 per 100,000. A huge drop.

    Notice that 2 or 3 per hundred thousand, when that same hundred thousand has nearly a hundred thousand guns, means that the presence of firearms ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT LEAD TO HOMICIDE.

  4. The Chicago papers showed the data: 80% of the victims are Black, by extrapolation 80% of the murderers are Black. 80% of the resolved murders were committed by a person with a criminal record. 500 murders in Chicago last year. 500 kids shot in Chicago last week. The public school system can’t close high schools because moving kids would make them cross gang boundaries. Who is running the City of Corruption and Violence? a Democrat.

  5. Jim, You are correct. Obama is not going to issue mandatory confiscation of guns. He is not going to disarm the populace. However, step by step, we will lose firepower and access to weaponry. I cannot say the same for 10 or 20 years from now.

    Furthermore, it is the express and explicit intent of many “progressives” to completely disarm the American populace. Therefore, unlike climate alarmism, which is based on flights of fancy with no rational method of averting it, gun alarmism is based on simply listening to the rhetoric of frighteningly influential people on the left side of the aisle.

    Also, there is a clear and simple fix to prevent this slippery slope. Don’t give an inch on irrational and non-useful gun regulation. None of the proposals so far would have one iota of a change on gun crime, but they would restrict the populace. So, don’t put them in place.

  6. I did an internet search for

    “security guards” australia

    I got 183,000 hits. Looks like people in Australia aren’t so thrilled with police response, either.

  7. The Take Away Your Gun Alarmists are like the Climate Alarmists.
    They are NOT going to take away your guns and
    Global Warming is NOT going to cause catastrophe.
    Alarmists are Wackos.
    Some are Right Wing Wackos.
    Some are left wing Wackos.
    The Poles are NOT going to melt and they are NOT going to take away your guns.
    Try to get in touch with reality !

  8. Australia . . . no guns, no nukes.

    Obama demilitarizing the U.S.

    The Chinese will be invading Australia within ten years. You have no defense.

  9. Howdy biggles
    Compliant, responsible citizens need guns because of thugs. When you hear the window break, you’ll understand the saw about “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away.” The Land Down Under has its own problems with violent, sometimes armed intruders.
    We also need guns so that our government will remember that we are the sovereigns and not the “civil servants”. By many accounts, Australia’s government is losing track of that and ours is following.

  10. So…. Why do compliant -law-abiding, responsible and peaceful citizens who don’t do drugs, or go to criminal infested nightclubs and late night pubs need guns? All responsible people have secure premises at night (if not you are foolish), and access to telephone right under the pillow if needed. Police action is usually swift if notified quickly of suspicious activity. There are very rare exceptions, but this is the rule here in Australia. The average citizen has no need for a gun. This is not Syria. I love guns too – but if I want to use one I go to a gun club, or the airforce reserve.

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