Feinstein's New Gun-Ban Bill Likely to be Introduced January 22

Feinstein would expand the definition of “assault weapon.”

“Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.)–author of the federal “assault weapon” and “large” ammunition magazine ban of 1994-2004–has said for weeks that she will soon introduce an even more restrictive bill. Leaders in the U.S. Senate have stated that January 22 will be the first day on which new Senate legislation can be proposed, so that is the most likely date for the new, sweeping legislation to be introduced.” [NRA-ILA]

7 thoughts on “Feinstein's New Gun-Ban Bill Likely to be Introduced January 22”

  1. The same week as the Littleton school shooting, a man deliberately drove his car into a day care center play yard killing several children. Because it did not involve a gun, the masacre was ignored by the media, only AP reported it. The same day as the Sandy Hook shooting, 33 students were stabbed in China by an attacker, again because it did not involve a gun, the incident was quickly dropped by the media.
    “All the news that fits our agenda, we print.”

  2. So is it an example of “double-think” that every time a weapons ban is proposed gun sales skyrocket yet those proposing the ban say we will be safer afterwards? Maybe, but what happens when that double-think leads to the notion of confiscation? Or, is it simply that gun control advocates are confident that your children and grandchildren will just bring in the weapons on command? I’m better the latter.
    As for increasing gun sales, the anti-gun people need dead people for their agenda to work. The more guns they get into the population, the higher the probability of gun deaths. Not because of legitimate gun owners, but the sheer volume of guns. Guns can then be stolen, sold, etc and it increases the changes of a mass shooting. Gun control people do NOT want school shootings and workplace shootings to end before they can talk everyone into voluntarily hand over their guns. (That, or they are totally brain dead and buy the lie. Whichever……)

  3. Butler Creek, maker of 25-round magazines for the Ruger 10/22, is now only offering 10-round versions. Cabela’s is sold out of the BC 25-round version. Ebay prices for the BC 25-rd magazines are rising. Normal retail was $24. During the earlier federal ban, prices for pre-ban mags soared to $84. The ‘free’ market is saying something here — and this is only for .22s.

  4. It only drives up the black market cost of the weapons. Guns will “Always” be part of the American Way of Life….Not taking life but saving Life!!

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