10 thoughts on “Experts Fear Collapse of Global Civilisation”

  1. There is a real chance of a collapse of civilization but if it happens it will because we wasted our resources and ignored others trying to stop something that cannot be stopped. Climates change, adapt or die.

  2. Two absolute facts:
    1. We are all going to die
    2. The world will go to hell in a handbasket as soon as we find the right handbasket.
    You would think that Ehrlich’s credibility would be somewhat diminished by the slight inaccuracy of his predictions 40 or so years ago. In some camps it seems to have improved his status.

  3. just like Al Gore’s threat of the damage and changing of our “green” environment/climate….Seems the only thing he was worried about was the “Green” Dollar Bill. Mother nature will take care of our world.. in a manner she fills fit.

  4. True Enlightenment distributes and decentralizes power, putting it in the hands of individuals to do with as they so choose.

    Not a desirable outcome for centralized power structures anywhere.

  5. “Collapse of global civilisation” – what civilisation? A civilisation that lets ‘ankers (Thanks Rob) like this try to push people into petrifying fear of gowlies and ghosties like global warming – these fear mongers are from the past themselves selling superstition and snake oil to cure infestations of the mind. What ever happened to the Enlightenment?

  6. After 60 years of nonsense from that shit head, Paul Ehrlich, I cannot believe anybody prints a thing he has to say.

  7. I am now convinced that many of these comentators will go to any lengths to atrtact attention to themselves – they all want to be on the stage and will stop at nothing to achieve that end – in NZ we have a word for them that rhymes with bankers.

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