Eskew: ‘Gulf between reality and the climate deniers has widened’

Carter Eskew, the chief strategist for Al Gore’s 2000 presidential campaign, has apparently not checked the climate scoreboard in at least 10 years.

Eskew writes in the WashPost:

…The impact of climate change has arrived ahead of schedule, and the gulf between reality and the climate deniers has widened. Many Republican leaders have allowed themselves, of course, to be captured by the deniers. The spectacle of Mitt Romney, who once believed in climate change, having to retract his position to win the Republican nomination may have been a tipping point. Climate change, like many other issues, is one where the views of many Republicans are no longer even especially relevant. The country has moved on, accepting climate change as real and urgent and now taking up the important work of trying to mitigate it.

But even James Hansen has been forced to admit that there has been no global warming over the past decade despite prodigious manamde CO2 emissions.

3 thoughts on “Eskew: ‘Gulf between reality and the climate deniers has widened’”

  1. So perhaps we should call you brokenhockeyschtick for that one, which I wish I’d had the chance to write.
    There has never, ever, been any evidence in the 20th or 21st century that weather events are related to climate changes or to human action. The very question of whether the atmosphere has warmed is now back on the table, since the “un-deniers” have been found with their hands in the cookie jars up to their elbows. There is no valid linkage between any shifts in temps and any weather events. The “effects of climate change” appear to be — normal variable weather.

  2. Eskew’s views are askew from reality, but lets not eschew his contribution, before he gets cartered away

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