Davos: Obesity is a drag on economic growth

“We could stop selling ice cream, but people are still going to want to eat ice cream,” said Paul Bulcke, chief executive of food giant Nestle.

“Obesity, a major factor in diabetes and heart disease, imposes costs on both public and private sectors and is a drag on economic growth, but business leaders meeting in Davos can’t agree on what they can or should do to address it.” [Reuters]

4 thoughts on “Davos: Obesity is a drag on economic growth”

  1. sandyjfs: “Living “longer, healthier lives”? To see a woman, or even a man over 50 walking without a limp or a “pusher” these days is almost a miracle, and there is virtually nobody over 50 who doesn’t need multiple medications to get through the day. You call that healthy? The young men who fought in the 20th century wars (unfortunately), would be classified as anorexic today, but would outwork three of today’s average men. Our race is physically deteriorating – black, whites, yellows and in-betweens, and that is worrying.

  2. Exactly. But as long as people keep buying into protection rackets based on unfounded fears, the media and power-seeking politicians will keep marketing sheer nonsense this way.

  3. Greater control = greater profits.
    They are all profiting off creating a false obesity and health crisis, whether selling and mandating “healthy” foods or pharmaceuticals. Sad. This incessant marketing of a climate of fear is such a negative and unhealthy business. People are living longer, healthier lives than ever before (and the environment has never been cleaner) but good news doesn’t sell new government programs, regulations or products.

  4. How many d… times does it have to be said ?!?!

    The principle determinate of one’s health care cost is

    . . .

    Wait for it . . .

    How long they live.

    Things that reduce one’s life expectancy, such as smoking cigarettes, SAVE MONEY. Obesity, to the extent that it kills people (and to the extent that it is even a real problem and not exaggerated 10X), SAVES health care cost money.

    Of course, Davos attendees are angling for ways to control people, and saving money is just a way to get people to accept being controlled.

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