Damon’s ‘Promised Land’ ignores EPA, touts fracking myths

Film promotes hysteria without facts.

“Matt Damon wanted to do a hit piece on fracking, the process by which natural gas is extracted from shale deposits deep in the ground. This would be a film promoting all the usual Hollywood eco-hysteria: Fracking will reduce your idyllic farm to a barren wasteland, poison your water and make blood spurt out of your ears. The film is about a “Promised Land,” like God’s gift to the Israelites of a land of milk and honey, which is threatened with utter destruction by the evil, greedy oil companies.” [Joy Overbeck, Washington Times]

2 thoughts on “Damon’s ‘Promised Land’ ignores EPA, touts fracking myths”

  1. My wife’s family has a farm near Strongstown, PA with three natural gas wells on the property. Its been there for many years and they’ve never experienced any problems.

  2. Farm A: Cattle drink water, get sick and die.
    Farm B; Cattle drink water, get sick and die, and there’s a drill rig nearby.

    Incorrect conclusion: Fracking had anything to do with this. Cattle get sick and die on a regular basis. With NO data as a baseline, the fact that cattle got sick and died on Farm B, we cannot conclude the cattle were victims of fracking. Well, okay, we can but it just shows how stupid we are.

    Not that Hollywood cares in the least how stupid they look. They are hypocrites on virtually everything they oppose.

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