Climate Horror: Butterflies move toward Massachusetts

Swallowtails… are they man-eating?

“Butterflies from the southern US that used to be rare in the northeast are now appearing there on a regular basis. The trend correlates to a warming climate report the authors of a paper in Nature Climate Change.” Read more at Mother Jones.

4 thoughts on “Climate Horror: Butterflies move toward Massachusetts”

  1. “Swallowtails… are they man-eating?”

    Maybe they are TIGER swallowtails.

    Swallowtails will follow the milkweed.

  2. Come on, you know any creature in nature that shows up in new territory is a sign of the apocalypse. I look forward to the day this is applied to humans–AAAAHHHHHHH people moved to North Dakota or Florida. We’re doomed. Climate change will kill us all.

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