5 thoughts on “Climate Change Gets a Superhero?”

  1. Well, he DOES have a super power, i.e. the ability to waste billions pointlessly for generations at a time.

  2. Captain Planet’s influence was very weak and very brief, thank goodness. I predict the same for this figure.

  3. Ninjas were stealthy assassins. Green is associated with immaturity and ignorance. So, we have a new super hero who is violent, immature, and ignorant. Quite fitting for the global warming crowd; not so good for kids (but ninjas didn’t use guns, so I guess their violence is OK).

  4. The ability to leap to conclusions over any distance.
    The ability to see through any facts that lie in between.
    The ability to summon straw golems in form the of any opposition which it then uses for tamashighiri practice.

    This looks like clear fodder for one of the Legion of Superheroes audition comics.

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