Christie: NRA Ad on Obama Daughters ‘Reprehensible’

Obama started it.

“The Republican governor and father of four said at a briefing Thursday in Trenton that the children of public figures should be off-limits to political attacks.”

Maybe everyone, including Obama, should leave children out of politics.


10 thoughts on “Christie: NRA Ad on Obama Daughters ‘Reprehensible’”

  1. Politicians’ families can be more at risk than the common folk. However, their kids’ lives are no more important than those of the common folk. Christie and Obama make a huge mistake when they take the elitist approach on this.

  2. Well, Coach, it would be nice if people argued from facts. “Progressives” keep running into the fact that facts ruin their arguments, though. So do I, now and then.

  3. Chris Crispy. Stick a fork in him; he’s done.

    Unless the Democrats will take him, which may be what all this is.

  4. The NRA ad is only tangentially about the Obama daughters — who should stay off limits until they make themselves public figures.
    The ad is about the hypocrisy of Sidwell Friends school using armed guards while the parents of their students object to the rest of us wanting similar protection for our homes and our families.
    Any decent person recognizes that the president’s family is at risk of kidnapping or murder. So are the other students at Sidwell. And so are kids at some public schools, especially in cities and states with extremely tough gun laws.

  5. He kept within the confines of his authority on most – not all – because most of his proposals are empty gibberish.

    Proposals like:

    “Provide law enforcement, first responders, and school officials with proper training for active shooter situations.”

    . . . is NOT within his authority. Nor within his budget.

  6. Did you look at his actual proposals? Surprisingly, he kept within the confines of his authority and some (such as checking the legailty of stolen guns before returning them to their owners and national registry of gun evidence) actually sounded good. Now they aren’t going to prove effective in the least at their stated goal, but it’s a far cry from what was feared.

  7. I wonder what Chris thinks about “Republican” governors who take Republican party money to get “elected” and turn around and spit on other “Republicans” if they think can get some mileage out of it.

  8. Christi should have criticized Obama for his despicable use of children in his “screw the Constitution” press conference yesterday. Obama set up the situation and now should have to live with it. Christi needs to re-evaluate his relationship with his new found buddy in the federal government. After all Obama said there would be no red tape associated with getting aid after the storm. Christi was blaming everyone else except Obama when it hadn’t happened.

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