4 thoughts on “Chicago breaks 72-year snowless record”

  1. If I were in Chicago now, I would keep my snowblower in good order. First, snow in Chicago has never been stable. I can hardly remember more than three weeks in a row with snow on the ground. I also recall that whenever there was a lot of it, it would tend to disappear quickly. I have seen snowless winters before. If I recall correctly, we had a blooming Forsythia in Naperville in January 2001, or maybe the next year.

    Then, a much earlier and rather more spectacular snowless event I recall happened just south of Moscow, Russia, in 1972. No trace of snow until mid-February, with only a few nights with freezing temperatures. Then the snow began falling and it did not stop until about March 10, all the while forcing people to walk in narrow trenches because roads could not be ploughed. Then it all melted in about a week, and the river flooded up to 17 metres above its summer level.

    So if there is no snow just now, it does not mean the weather won’t swing back.

  2. So I’m sure there are many people out there pointing to this as “proof” of global warming. My question is: what caused it 72 years ago? And whatever that was (not global warming, we are told), then maybe that’s what’s happening today.

  3. 72 year record. 10,000 years ago there was a mile thick glacier over Chicago. 72 years represents .7% of time since then. That’s equivalent to a third of a year in a 50 year old person’s life. This isn’t junk science; this is the lack of human intelligence!

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