Cargill Cattle Plant Closes Due to Global Warming

That’s what the enviros want you to believe.

“It sounds a bit like justice served, doesn’t it? When Cargill announced the closing of its Plainview, Texas, cattle operation, they cited a record low cattle supply as the result of the region’s severe drought. Though scientific models don’t yet have the precision to directly tie a particular weather event, be it a storm or a drought, to global warming trends, there is plenty of evidence indicating that drought is clearly increasing as the result of the changing climate. More clear is the linkage between the beef industry and the changes to our planetary thermostat.”

Read more at Triple Pundit.

3 thoughts on “Cargill Cattle Plant Closes Due to Global Warming”

  1. Uh, the dust bowl–1930s. Now there was a drought. Was that “global warming” or more politically correct “climate change”. Yes, climate changes. History is always so inconvenient,
    is it not, especially when it does not back up your religious beliefs, and make no mistake, global warming is akin to a religion.

  2. Their agenda is obstruction. Whichever way you go, they will try to hobble you, and if that does not work, they will throw themselves under your feet. That’s what “progressive” means. Progressively more annoying.

  3. Let me follow this.
    1. Enviros and PETA-types want us to quit eating meat and raising cattle.
    2. Drought reduced cattle.
    3. Plant closed.
    4. Drought may have been due to global warming (no, I know it wasn’t).
    5. Global warming advances the enviro/PETA agenda.

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