Biden to deliver gun proposals by Tuesday

Sounds like it’s going to be a thoughtful process.

“Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday that he will deliver his recommendations on reducing gun violence to President Barack Obama by Tuesday, perhaps including universal background checks for purchases and forbidding certain types of high-capacity magazines.” [Politico]

5 thoughts on “Biden to deliver gun proposals by Tuesday”

  1. As Judge Napolitano pointed out earlier this evening, it’s none of the Federal Government’s business, anyway. It’s not their job to find a “solution” to violence in a state.

    More Federal meddling.

  2. There’s something about the phrase, “reducing gun violence” that’s just plain weird. Guns are inert. Even ‘assault weapons’ don’t act spontaneously, not even those that are ‘automatic’. Violent guns? Well, if it looks violent, and sounds violent, then it must be… Not long ago, there was an article in Slate about people “killed by guns”. It would have been the violent guns.

    The most innocently clumsy phrase can help inflame the popular imagination, and the trouble is, a good deal of what’s wrongly written is neither innocent, nor clumsy.

    We need to start talking about ‘peaceful’ guns. Guns of safety. Tranquility grows out of the barrel of a calm gun. Being sheltered, by protective guns.

    The point is obvious–HALF of ‘the public debate’ over guns is being ignored, because the Left has set the terms of the debate. This must change. Patient, obedient guns.

  3. When you already knew what you wanted to propose, you were ready to produce the “solutions” before you’d even investigated the “problem”.

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