Alarmists (again) trot out Kerry Emanuel as Republican global warming believer in video

Memo to the Union of Concerned Scientists: Not many Republicans are “ashamed to be an American” and not many wives of Republicans have renounced their citizenship.

The Kerry Emanuel Saga:

4 thoughts on “Alarmists (again) trot out Kerry Emanuel as Republican global warming believer in video”

  1. “Speed Draw” cartoon videos make me feel sick to my stomach, I can’t watch them very long without shutting it off, but I not only dislike the presentation method, it seems that the content almost always involves peddling junk science.

    I don’t care if Kerry Emmanuel is a Dem or Republican or Unitarian Universalist or anything in between – that doesn’t make him any less of a crack pot

  2. They trot out tired and busted old Kerry Emmanuel when they need the prop “Republican with his head up his ass who agrees with us”. But you ever notice how on the other end of the scale, any commie loving half wit will do , so they pick one out of a hat that no one has ever heard of before [Peter Frumhoff].
    And after this news cycles through to bird cage line, no one will hear of him again. They’ll pick a different commie loving half wit to appear as Emmanuel’s counter point next time.

  3. Can you please stop the “wife renounced citizenship” meme? Leaving the USA for Britain is hardly the end of the world. She lived in the UK for 15 years, working for the BBC for 12.

    This is “more patriotic than thou” nonsense and your know it.

  4. I would be very interested in SOMEBODY finding the actual scientific definition of “global warming”. My understanding is that it has to be a 3 degree F sustained increase in temperature over a (maybe) 100 year period. I read about it in a Farmer’s Almanac article several years ago, butr I’m not sure about all the details. Can anyone verify this? So far, the only sustained increase I have heard anyone quoting is a 0.3 to 0.4 (?) degree increase over the last several of decades. Anybody have the REAL science on this?

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