Geoengineering: Looking to sky to fight climate change

“Ten years ago, people would have said this is totally wacky.”

“If Neukermans’ team of researchers can fine-tune the mechanism to spray just the right size and quantity of salt particles into the sky, scientists might be able to make coastal clouds more reflective.
The hope is that by doing so, humankind could send more heat and light back into space, wielding clouds as shields against climate change.” [SFChronicle]

7 thoughts on “Geoengineering: Looking to sky to fight climate change”

  1. Not only wacky, mo2tex, but straight wicked thoughts of an old man in Belgium. Salt in the Clouds man? what were you thinking. Every last living thing on this rock to have salty rain water? The plants, the trees, the berries, the wildlife…..just…. EVERYTHING! For “Shiny Clouds”…
    bloodie hell, Aloha, glasses raised to this never happening.

  2. Try to float this idea past the Russians, who are experiencing an abysmally cold, (snow) albedo fueled winter, and suggest to them that the planet needs to get colder!!!

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