Trzupek: EPA witch hunts on taxpayer dime

“Indeed, as we’ve seen in case after case, this is the EPA’s new approach: Forget about risk evaluation because there is no risk so small that it’s not worth spending huge amounts of public and private dollars to lessen just a little more. That’s not science, folks, nor is it sound public policy. It’s simply a witch hunt, and now that the president has been re-elected, we’re going to have so many more of them that it would make 17th-century Puritans living in Salem blush.” [Rich Trzupek, Washington Times]

2 thoughts on “Trzupek: EPA witch hunts on taxpayer dime”

  1. I actually was told by an EPA attorney in the 1990s that no amount of money was too much to spend on environmental protection. The problem with regulators is that they actually start to believe they are on the side of the angels. Without adult supervision from the White House, they will run roughshod over the country.

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