9 thoughts on “PopSci: 7 Gifts For The Climate Change Denier In Your Life”

  1. Let’s see–DVD’s not useful, down jacket is great, monitoring apps so I can see how many lies the warmists told, that $60 light bulb is ridiculous, my dog would love the polar bear toy, I have a greenhouse, and I certainly would love the cruise. If this is supposed to convert me to a warmist, not happening. Better come up with some other ideas for next Christmas. Maybe a lump of coal?

  2. I was hoping for one of the greenhouses so I could grow “organic” crops and sell the to the idiots at our local farmers market. Official, authentic, certified, unquestionably, bonifide, genuine, honest to goodness, realy truly organic carrots, $12 a bunch.

  3. Several of the items would make nice presents. Not one of them actually changes the discussion about human contributions to climate.

  4. I once enjoyed reading this magazine until my resent subscription.
    Now I think it’s time they change the name to Popular Pseudoscience.

  5. Why I stopped reading Popular Science – Editors who brag about their sons homicidal fantasies about killing SUV drivers:

    “DURING A RECENT FAMILY DRIVE out of town, my 13-year-old son,
    Rex, launched into a diatribe from the backseat, blasting the environ-
    mental myopia of every lone driver spewing unnecessary CO2 behind
    the wheel of a hulking SUV. (He actually wanted me to bump them off
    the road, thus ensuring that he won’t join their ranks until long after he
    turns 16.) “Don’t they realize that if this keeps up, Manhattan is going to be
    under water before long?” he demanded”


  6. If a friend of mine bought me an Alaska cruise, I’d stay their friend.

    My favorite is the $49.99 Switch60 light bulb. An internet seller claims:

    “IMPRESSIVE ROI: With a payback as rapid as 6 months, the SWITCH60 LED lightbulb uses 80% less energy and last 25 times longer than an incandescent.”

    Payback in 6 months, for a 60W replacement bulb costing $49.99. I wonder what business school he went to.

  7. A “friend” who presents me with this propaganda as a gift won’t need to worry about a gift for me next year, since I won’t be seeing him again.

  8. That would be a great first step, but they wouldn’t need one if they hadn’t wasted their first one.

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