9 thoughts on “November surprise: EPA planning major post-election anti-coal regulation”

  1. Whenever they want a picture of “pollution” they stand in front of a cooling tower so you can see all that evil smoke. Spent two hours yesterday and will spend another couple hours today because a state compliance person decided to read what she wanted into a permit condition, not what it said. Every time I get a new compliance type, I re-negotiate the existing permit. This one wasn’t new, just decided to read the permit differently. I manage environmental for 16 Title V facilities in 5 states and one non-major in another state. It’s amazing how the same regulations are interpreted from region-to-region in a state and from state-to-state. Gonna get worse after yesterday’s election.

  2. What, expect the EPA to know their own rules!

    I shouldn’t complain, the TCEQ is competent, or at least willing to learn and admit when they are wrong. The EPA will determine that black is white and steam is sulfur and then try to arrest you for emitting sulfur from your cooling tower. They will then simply drop the subject rather than admit that they are wrong.

  3. The MACT, NSPS and NO2 NAAQS are so badly written no one understands them. I’ve spent several hours explaining requirements of the RICE MACT and the compression ignition NSPS (IIII) to a regulator reviewing a stack test protocol. He didn’t understand the regs and thought he had to enforce federal regs in a state permit, which explained the requirements. 2.5 years to get a 6 MW landfill gas to electricity permit in Florida; 451 days to get a 6MW LFGTE permit in North Carolina, 16 months and an impossible draft for a 4 MW plant in Virginia. These are simple green energy projects getting stopped by the federal rules. And don’t tell a permit writer to do this permit like the other 7 virtually identical sites in the state, generates a big not invented here syndrome. They now want to engineer the plant for you and they are not capable. In North Carolina EPA’s non hazardous secondary material and commercial and solid waste incinerator rewrite ended up shutting down permits for flares at landfills. All because of very badly written rules.
    I can imagine the pain of getting a permit in a non-green industry.

  4. With the MACT standards set impossibly low, it is only a matter of time. All the EPA needs to do is force an action that will force them to upgrade so that thy count as “Modified” and bring them into NSPS and then it’s game over. No more coal.

    That’s if they don’t just do it by default by refusing to issue CO2 permits. They are putting insane requirements on the ones by friends of mine.

  5. There may be a silver lining to this cloud, if we sue the Federal Government to stop these regulation based on the data obtained from the EPA’s illegal testing showing there is no harm to the populus from PM2.5, as this may finally put the lies in front of the public. The experimental data will not support their computer model data, and therefore invalid. I might even be willing to send some cash to the organization willing to file the law suit. Remember, the real motive here is to destabilize the government and economy so we fall into a dictatorship.

  6. The only conceivable reason that they would be deliberately timing this for *after* the election is that they know the voters would not approve. They are trying to govern without consent.

  7. Coal provides 42% of the 4 trillion kilowatt hours of electric power generated in the U.S. Wind provides 3% and solar less than 1%. The EPA is orchestrating an energy and economic disaster of Biblical proportion.

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