Shock: McCain (2008) Beat Romney and Obama!

It’s hard to believe that John McCain got more votes in 2008 than Mitt Romney did in 2012. McCain 2008 may also have beaten Obama 2012.

According to, the 2008 results were:

  • Obama – 69,446,897 million votes
  • McCain – 59,934,814 million votes

But yesterday, at least according to

  • Obama – 59,925,390 million votes
  • Romney – 57,245,739 million votes

The 2012 results are not final yet,so it is still possible for Obama 2012 to beat McCain 2008, but…

3 thoughts on “Shock: McCain (2008) Beat Romney and Obama!”

  1. Few voted for John McCain; many voted for Sara Palin. We were told we weren’t wanted this election, so we didn’t vote.

  2. As of now.
    Obama: 60.6 million
    Romney: 57.7 million

    Given the obscene numbers of reports on early voting lines out the wazoo, I’m finding this hard to believe that we were 11 million voters shorter this time. Either it was simply hype, or something is wrong here.

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