Greens close four Bank of America branches in anti-coal protest

“In a sophisticated, peaceful action to pressure the bank to stop funding coal, nine people are risking arrest today at sit-ins at four different Bank of America locations across Charlotte. The activists are a part of Rainforest Action Network’s campaign to confront the bank’s leading role in coal financing, which impacts the quality of air in North Carolina and contributes to global climate change pollution.” [ENews Park Forest]

11 thoughts on “Greens close four Bank of America branches in anti-coal protest”

  1. Don’t give the loonies any more ideas. The newspapers have been talking about secessionists down here (no one is really talking about it, though they do joke a bit, but it makes for a good story in the Chronicle).

  2. I just love this story. BOA gives boat loads of cash to WWF as protection money and the rest of the greens line up go get their fair share.

  3. This is disturbing in the fact that most environmentalists prefer to protest in Third World countries where people won’t disagree (or can be bribed into compliance). Maybe they’re right–Americans are just another third world country with people who won’t stand up to them. Bribery does work here–it’s called subsidies. If people just ignore the activists, and I suspect they will, then the Greens will win. In the same way the election was lost, the green battle will be lost because “it can never get that bad here”, these are just fringe people. That was said that in the 60’s of the early environmentalists and how wrong that belief turned out to be.

  4. Just send in some coal miners to break up the demonstration.

    Oh wait, they’re not available – they have (at least for the moment) JOBS!

  5. From this side of the pond it looks like the turkeys on the east and west coast as the last election showed, would willingly vote for Christmas. I look at the last election results and the country seems divided into 4. The west coast green states; the blue industrial bailed out states, the remaining industrial states, and the blue east coast. It strikes me that the central heart of the USA could declare UDI and leave the cranks to go to the wall.

  6. Sue the protesters and the green groups they represent for lost business, that will take care of the problem.

  7. Raising the price of energy for me curtails my lifestyle and causes discomfort. Raising the price of energy for seriously poor people leaves them shivering or sweltering and hungry. And sick — it takes energy to provide clean water.
    When cleaner energy really displaces coal, and it probably will, by being more efficient and less expensive, that means it’s also better for the environment. When “cleaner” energy requires subsidies, that almost always means it’s actually worse for the environment than the energy it seeks to displace.

  8. If the protesters are unhappy with the power generated from the coal plants they should say so and immediately be disconnected.

  9. The bank is only doing what all banks do – provide financial services to the community. So how many other businesses and towns people are being harmed by this senseless “peaceful action?” This is a prime example of what’s wrong with the green agenda – organizations like RAN don’t think about how their mindless actions turn the general public against their causes. Lock the idiots up and throw away the keys.

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