4 thoughts on “Driessen: The coming environmental battlegrounds”

  1. I wonder what it would take for you all to believe in the dangers of pollution and climate change…. Not sure what is wrong with using renewable energy. Seems to make plenty of sense and helps stop pollution.
    People believe in God, Jesus, Noah’s Ark, etc with no scientific proof.. But, with proof, y’all still deny. so sad really.

  2. It would appear our best hope is to get a ‘turf war’ going between the departments: Interior ‘owns’ the land, Energy ‘owns’ the minerals (gas, coal, oil, uranium), and EPA ‘owns’ the wind. If we can keep them distracted fighting each other, we can have a chance at dismantling them when they are not looking. 🙂

  3. With a friend in the White House, the EPA is essentially unbridled. They don’t need a mandate because they are doing what they do to save us, the ecosystem, and mother Gaia from evil. Congress can only defund them, which is going to be politically difficult with only control of the House. The only other way to curb these zealots is through the courts. Thanks again Mr. Milloy, keep up the good work!

  4. Gov’t agencies like the EPA can do all the damage without Congressional approval. Obama got no mandate generally as the election was a squeaker, and global warming wasn’t even an election issue. So much for the democratic process.

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