8 thoughts on “Deep Fried Donuts Injected With Liquor”

  1. Tastes differ, bad taste is very personal. My wife is 55 and looks nothing like that witch. Her skin is still smooth. So are the skins of most women in the same age range i see here in the south of france.

    If that is the result of poor lighting, then the real thing must be a real nightmare, Even the posed retouched picture doesn’t help much. I’d happily pass that by for a fatter person.

  2. It appears simply be a bad picture and bad fashion choice: McKeith shows her age, but no worse than most women her age. If I was a lot older, I’d go for her.

    Please note, I put no weight on the conclusions of the following site, but it does have a good comparison of pictures for your other subject. changing the lighting, angle, pose, or clothing has a tremendous implication.

  3. I know next to nothing about genetics, but i do know that my 59yr vegan brother (59) looks like the left witch and i 57yr carnivore look like the right hottie.
    Metaphorically speaking ofcourse 🙂

    Based on those parameters and the law of chance i’d hesitate strongly to call genetics into the mix, but rather that vegetarian diet is really bad for the skin.

  4. Claiming genetics is spurious. You have no idea how hard she works at staying fit or what/how much she eats.

  5. Love that picture Petrossa. Just goes to show that genetics are probably more important than minor tweaking of the diet.

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