AAA urges EPA to halt approval of E15 for vehicles

“AAA, the nation’s largest travel organization, on Friday urged the Obama administration to halt the sale of E15 — a new fuel with a higher blend of ethanol — because of possible engine damage to most vehicles on the nation’s roads.” [Detroit News]

8 thoughts on “AAA urges EPA to halt approval of E15 for vehicles”

  1. 1. Since ethanol in gasoline increases the energy cost per mile driven and it produces more pollutants than it displaces, I’d think the argument was already over. Clearly, I’m wrong.
    2. Ethanol for fuel may have beneficial by-products. If ethanol is a useful fuel source and has helpful by-products, maybe we should use ethanol in generator engines that are designed to use it effectively rather than in cars that aren’t designed that way. There may be lots of places where niche electrical generation makes sense.
    3. Many crops are subject to fluctuating production for many reasons. And if ethanol crops like sugar and corn fall off, but the requirement to use ethanol remains in place, then it’s likely that the price of the crops will rise. That has to be hard on the world’s poor. Even if obesity overall is rising (lots of room to quibble on that), the seriously poor remain and it’s gratuitously cruel to make their lives more difficult by raising costs to them.
    4. Markets, markets, markets. Markets are imperfect ways of distributing resources but they always work better than policy does.

  2. “The stupid misuse of corn as a fuel pumped up the food prices across Latin America amd Mexico causing even more starvation.”

    Alarmism isn’t limited to global warming. The accusation that ethanol causes starvation demonstrates that!

    In 2001, ethanol was mostly a non-event, the price of corn was below the cost of production, corn exports totalled 41 million tons and countries around the world had starving people.
    In 2011, ethanol production had grown enormously, the price of corn increased, corn exports totalled 45.2 million tons, DDG exports (the nutrient rich by-product of ethanol) totalled 7.6 million tons (with Mexico as the second largest buyer) and countries around the world had starving people.
    Soybean exports increased dramatically in the same time frame. Mostly due to China’s improved economic environment.
    Wheat exports and prices are lackluster, due to a glut of wheat around the world. And still people starve.
    The cost of corn in a box of corn flakes is about a dime. Energy costs to bring food to the table have become the lions share of food costs. Yet we’re told that corn prices are to blame for starvation.
    In the same manner that greenies tell us that fossil fuels are to blame for a mild winter and should be abolished, ethanol alarmists read a media story about on-going starvation and conclude that ethanol should be abolished.

    Let the facts speak for themselves!

  3. You’re right Chuck, I should have asked if engines running on regular unleaded, instead of diesel, ever broke down?
    Second, the mainstream press and its urban reporters have no clue about ethanol and therefore lack accurate reporting. Strangely, you think I get my suportive information from the MSM when actually they are ethanol’s worst critic.
    Take for example Time magazine who in 2008 did a cover story about ethanol causing world starvation -before the price of corn even rose above its 30 year range. The MSM even tried to blame riots caused by Asian governments witholding rice on ethanol. Then later in ’08 Time did an about face and did another cover story on “cheap corn” as the cause of our national obeseity. How stupid is that?!! No Chuck, the MSM is not my source of info!!!
    I’m also wondering if you weren’t sucked in by the infamous Cornell Environmentalist who “researched” ethanol’s energy capability. This guy “forgot” all about ethanol’s by product – distillers grain. Distillers grain is the collection of protein, minerals, vitamins, fiber and oils left over after biological fermentation. It comprises about 1/3 of the volume of corn undergoing fermentation. It’s use as a livestock feed substitutes for growing protein sources and it’s significant energy requirements. Ethanol fermentation uses only the starch from grain.
    We’ve permenantally lost more prime farm land to development and urban sprawl than we use for ethanol production which can be regulated for reduction if our large surpluses run low – which so far they haven’t. I find that intresting because its the finger pointing back at the finger pointer. Are you really concerned with starvation if you ignore this land destruction?!!!!!!
    Nation members of the WTO have been opposed to cheap corn from the USA. They have literally threatened us with penalties for such because developing countries can’t compete for exports and their economies suffer.
    When I graduated from college I stood 5′ 10″, weighed 165lb, lifted weights and jogged. I was told at my job physical that I was overweight, so I do agree with your Navy Seal assessment. But to ignore all the obeseity in this country which grows corn and uses ethanol, leaves me incredulous!
    A final story comes from the manager of the service center I use. He says, with a roll of his eyes and shake of his head, that auto and truck dealers have brainwashed his customers by telling them that they can’t use ethanol for their first 1,000 miles. Pure bunk he says, and a service center manager should know. Of course, this plants the idea that any breakdowns that occur later will be due to ethanol.
    By the way, I’ve used 10% ethanol in my chain saw (10 years), string trimmer (eight years), transfer pump (18 years) and my last Chevy Astro Van for 173,000 miles. All with no significant engine problems. Why, if ethanol supposedly cause engine failures, would it not affect me or the people I know who also use ethanol with no engine problems?

  4. A. the E80 engines are designed for that fuel, standard engines are not and will not run at all or at least not for long

    B. production diesel engines do not burn ethanol so you comment on that makes no sense

    C. production and use of ethanol as opposed to production and use of gasoline causes more CO2 release and poisons gallons of precious potable water per gallon of fuel. Ethanol has less energy per gram and lowers mpg increasing per mile pollutants while moderating others.

    D. I spend winters in the Philippines. I’ve been to Sri Lanka and I’ve got friends who spend time in India, amongst other places. Just south of us is Mexico and Latin America. You’ll find “fat” people there – yeah, the 1%. In the meantime millions across the planet ARE starving. The stupid misuse of corn as a fuel pumped up the food prices across Latin America amd Mexico causing even more starvation. In the Philippines rice production is switching to jatropha causing rice prices to rise causing additional nutrition problems for the poor. Ethanol production is a tax that falls most heavily on the poor who could barely afford decent nutrition as it was.

    D. “obesity” is a moving set of goal posts measured with an incompetent ruler – BMI. A 253 pound US Navy SEAL who bench presses 250 pounds standing 6’3″ is by definition – obese. How stupid is that.

    No offense, but your credulity apparent from your comments causes concern for your well being in this blizzard of BS coming from the scare mongers. Please spend more time on this site pursuing articles here refuting all this nonsense published in the “mainstream press”.

  5. Does anyone really believe that auto dealerships and their service departments are going to tell you that your engine failure was due to poor engineering on their part when they can get you to swallow BS about ethanol? Do diesel engines ever fail?
    Foreign countries like Brazil have run 80% ethanol for decades and don’t have engine failed vehicles lining the ditches!
    As far as “starving people”, obeseity is on the increase – world wide!!

  6. Hey you good citizens of the country that created the automobile industry: In Germany there are insurances for unlucky people who blow their engines using E10 in their cars. Car manufacturers run their tests using accurately calibrated computer controlled test drive routines. When humans sit down driving they use human ways of driving and controlling the engine and that’s when things start to happen. The E15 shit is sheer baloney from a technical point of view- and it takes food from starving people in the countries where the raw material is grown, including the US. whitetop, do not wait for any more engines to blow up, go to your congressman NOW! A sudden E15 engine blowup on the freeway at 100 km/hour in the morning rush will lead to a 200 car super smash with who knows how many dead and injured. Try then to make the EPA responsible . no way! DO IT NOW before anyone is killed (or perhaps there are some already which we do not know of).

  7. A big appreciation and thanks, to ‘whitetop’ !!! my reply, is to confirm, the american standard and of this world, at large…. is the AMERICAN STANDARD TESTING METHODS[ ASTM.] ethanol gas. could not be approved by ASTM. Along with other American society; ASE[american society of Engineers]. please believe the writing on this email above, ‘whitetop’. $$$$$$$$$.
    I, also, a former major american dealership employee, can confirm your engine failures, soon. Help our american farmers, They are asking for your help…. just your help, please.?
    This ethanol gas issue, is a big engineering problem, with big $$$$ invested. Help yourself and our homeland farmers. if there are any volunteers? Read this: $$$$$$, if, you do not, empty your gas tank, if over 30 days day…..Where are the american society of engineers, NOW? our real engineers, have always, been our farmers, here
    retired with only time, to repair gas engines, soon. wrench wrench
    wreching or SSI…. thank u for your interest. and go to non-ethanol gas providing stations !!!!!

  8. EPA does not work with anyone to inform; they inform by dictatorial edict. I have a 2010 model Ford which is suppose to be E15 compatible but have never filled it with the 15 % ethanol since I have experienced what 10 does to an engine. I’ve had one bill over $500 to repair fuel system in our car due to E10, ruined two weed eaters, an edger and an ATV. When people get tired of paying repair bills and replacing small implements because of ethanol maybe they will start screaming at their congressmen to fix the problem.

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