One thought on “Video: Steve Milloy on Illegal EPA Human Testing”

  1. What was UNC using as the source of PM2.5? It looks like diesel exhaust. What steps did they take to differentiate the particulate by type and chemical composition?
    In the video, I believe I heard that the major component of diesel exhaust was PM2.5. The major component of diesel exhaust is N2, followed by O2 (~10%-11%), CO2 and H2O. Pollutants are NO/NO2 (20:1), CO, VOC, PM and SO2. It’s easier to assume that a majority of the PM is PM2.5 because the tests are difficult on the equipment in a 900°F exhaust. The VOC and minor contaminants are formaldehyde, acrolein, benzene, lead, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and the like.
    If, as it appears in the video and photos, these folks were plugging into diesel exhaust, just what were the test subjects getting? Pure air and particulate, or some of the other components of diesel exhaust? The Harvard School of Public Health/EPA particulate center seems to be fairly sophisticated, but I’m skeptical on the researchers real ability to control what the test subjects are getting in concentrated form.

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