RFK Jr: 'Sense of entitlement' builds 'eco-friendly' mansion

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his late wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, didn’t pay a penny for the high-end kitchen appliances, dual-flush toilets, solid brass and zinc faucets, hardwood flooring and hypoallergenic rugs when they created their eco-friendly Westchester mansion. Even the bamboo hangers and the cleaning products were free — a $1.3 million bonanza of swag.

Now five months after Mary Richardson Kennedy’s suicide at the sprawling estate in Bedford, her husband is set to make a windfall.” [New York Post]

2 thoughts on “RFK Jr: 'Sense of entitlement' builds 'eco-friendly' mansion”

  1. What has entitlement got to do with this? People offered goods and discounted services in exchange for favorable publicity. If these contractors and vendors think that was a good deal, so be it. As long as the arrangements were voluntary and all parties were happy with the exchange, all is well.

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