6 thoughts on “Gregg Abbott: A Romney Pick for EPA That We Endorse”

  1. Just a thought, but how about we keep political bureaucrats out of running the EPA and maybe bring in someone that actually understands the environment? I can think of a couple names but I’m sure there are more out there that are neutral and let real science speak out.

  2. I do wish they’d stop calling CO2 pollution. Not exactly evidence based. Not a friendly writer, was it?

    If they’re naming Bush people for foreign policy, I suggest Cheney for Clinton’s old job. Our enemies ought to start hoping that they change.

  3. I’d like this. The TCEQ is the educated kind of environmentalist, taught by the seniors who came from industry. They actually care about learning what does what, and they’ll climb up the stack with you. The EPA will call you “criminal” to your face when you disagree about some minor nitpick.

  4. Texans have been fortunate to have Kay Bailey come home so let’s not do something stupid and send her back to DC. Best to let sleeping dogs lie. Not thrilled about Cornyn for AG.

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