3 thoughts on “Gore on Sandy (the storm, not a masseuse): 'A disturbing sign of things to come'”

  1. Al is still as stupid as a brick, not to insult bricks mind you as bricks do in fact serve a useful and wonderful purpose where Al does not serve an useful purpose what so ever. His only purpose is stroking his own ego or looking for fix for his SHAKRA(?).

  2. Al should keep has mouth shut and enjoy the money he’s made from his global warming fraud and hope he doesn’t see jail time in the future..

  3. This environmental deliquent has just vivsited NZ and from all reported accounts , impressed no one with his off the wall comments – one radio commentator had some difficulty in understanding how he could have made so much money in the past year when to hear him talk one would think that the end of the world was here.
    And of course he and his buddies would be playing up ‘Sandy’ for all it is worth – sure it was a bad storm and I am sure we all feel for those who have suffered loss – however four days ago it was the worst storm in history and today it has been reduced to ‘in living memory’ and when it is all cleared up people will say ‘wow that was a big one’

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