Driessen: EPA anti-energy regulations killing jobs

“More and more, daily decisions are made less by responsible citizens than by nanny-state government, especially powerful, unelected, unaccountable executive branch agencies in Washington. Among the worst is the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).” [Washington Times]

One thought on “Driessen: EPA anti-energy regulations killing jobs”

  1. OK. Let’s look at it from a slightly different perspective. America use to have Afro-American slaves. Now they have Afro-American slaves, White slaves, Mexican slaves, Indian slaves and Spanish-speaking slaves. As Mr Bukowski (yes that drunk) said – yes America is great – if you are rich. If you are not – forget it. The eight hour day is long gone. Try 10 or 12 hours at 6 bucks an hour. That’s freedom? I fought for freedom, not slavery.

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