North Carolina Medical Board Opens Investigation of Another EPA Doc

We were notified yesterday by the North Carolina Medical Board that it has opened an investigation (at our request) into another North Carolina-licensed physician involved in EPA’s illegal human testing.

Martha-Sue Carraway is the fourth EPA physician to be subject to investigation.

Click for the letter.

Click for the related lawsuit, which was filed las Friday.

6 thoughts on “North Carolina Medical Board Opens Investigation of Another EPA Doc”

  1. This is an opportunity for the NC medical community to shine like a beacon in the field of medical ethics, at the expense of the EPA. Let’s hope they don’t waste the opportunity.

  2. Mr Milloy: Is one or so postings a day going to be the new norm here? Did something change at Junkscience and I missed it?

  3. Congratulations but don’t expect anything exciting to come of these law suits and investigations. In the USA, we rarely hold government officials accountable for misdeeds they did on the job… If some government worker gets caught red-handed doing something really bad, they might be forced to take some bonus vacation time (administrative leave). Cops, detectives, crime lab technicians and prosecutors routinely commit felony obstruction of justice. When they’re caught it’s “no harm, no foul” from the friendly judge. The government can’t be bothered to hold its own accountable to the standards that apply to us commoners.

    If you are very lucky, you might get the EPA to admit that airborne particles are not actually deadly and that they invented that declaration from whole cloth… Even that’s unlikely. Environmentalist are as infallible as medieval popes.

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