Driessen: EPA’s (Anti) Energy Agenda: What About Wealth and Welfare?

“Rarely in history has one election meant so much, or one agency asserted so much control over our lives, livelihoods and freedoms. The 2012 elections will determine whether America once again enjoys a new birth of freedom, or continues suffering under an EPA that enslaves and impoverishes us, rather than protects us.” (MasterResource.org)

One thought on “Driessen: EPA’s (Anti) Energy Agenda: What About Wealth and Welfare?”

  1. The latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Weekly Digest Bulletin (received 9/10/2012) features a report under the headline “Scotts Miracle-Gro Will Pay $12.5 Million in Criminal Fines and Civil Penalties for Violations of Federal Pesticide Laws”. The decision by the Federal District court in Columbus, OH, found eleven criminal violations of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA), regarding “misuse or mislabeling of pesticide products.”
    The ‘payoff’ to the Green Constituency is reported with: “In addition to the $4 million criminal fine, Scotts will contribute $500,000 to organizations that protect bird habitat, including $100,000 each to the Ohio Audubon’s Important Bird Area Program, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ Urban Forestry Program, the Columbus Metro-Parks Bird Habitat Enhancement Program, the Cornell University Ornithology Laboratory, and The Nature Conservancy of Ohio to support the protection of bird populations and habitats through conservation, research, and education.”
    Shakedown in progress…

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