Greenpeace Hypocrisy: BP's Turtle vs. Wind's Eagle

Greenpeace launched an effort today to spotlight sea life casualties from the 2010 Gulf oil spill.

Below is the image of a dead turtle currently being exploited by Greenpeace (click to enlarge).

But contrast the poor turtle with the poor eagle (below) whacked out of the sky by a wind turbine (click to enlarge).

Below is how wind turbine supporter Greenpeace rationalizes the bird death in its pro-wind energy FAQ (click to enlarge).

So Greenpeace’s attitude is, “So turbines kills few birds; it’s no big deal.”

We could (and will) just as blithely say, “So the oil spill killed some sealife, what of it?”

We need the energy (all forms) — even though some wildlife suffer. That’s life on the big blue marble.

3 thoughts on “Greenpeace Hypocrisy: BP's Turtle vs. Wind's Eagle”

  1. Speciesism. WWF does it, too. It just proves that animals are props for their cause, that they really don’t care about animals at all.

  2. I want to see the cat that brought down a golden eagle. If there’s a litter handy I might even want one of the kittens.

  3. Greenpeace really get on my nerves with this BS.
    OIL SPILL?? its a spill of natural organic material, seeps out all the time & nature takes care of it (we then refine & use natures gift, as always)
    ps.ever heard of a solar spill? toast 🙂

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