UConn Geologist: 'Let Michael Mann be your climate man'

I believe Michael Mann because I couldn’t cross country ski this winter?

UConn’s Robert Thorson writes in the Hartford Courant:

… I like to ski cross-country. Because trail snow is no longer reliable in Storrs, this year I went north to the interior mountain village of Bethel, Maine. With us in town were skiers competing in the U.S. National championships held annually in nearby Rumford. Astonishingly and discouragingly, they skied through snowless woods on white roads of synthetic snow, a harbinger of things to come….

Let Michael Mann be your climate man. He’s the author of the so-called hockey-stick curve, which showed the dramatic warming of the last century relative to the previous millennium. He’s a lead author for the scientific contributions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and thus a shared recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Price…

FYI, Dr. Thorson, Michael Mann did not “share” in any Nobel Prize.

3 thoughts on “UConn Geologist: 'Let Michael Mann be your climate man'”

  1. Looks like the intelligent folks migrated away from CON along with Industry! Welcome to your green paradise fools.

  2. Save for a couple of adberbs, this read more like advertising copy than a newspaper article.

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