Romney, appealing to independents, won't soften on climate change

ClimateWire reports:

Republican strategists predict that Mitt Romney could intensify his attacks on the president’s energy policies, including perhaps on past efforts to reduce carbon emissions, now that the former Massachusetts governor is accelerating into the general election race.

But several said it’s unlikely Romney will return to the position he held on climate change last summer, when he expressed belief in humans’ contribution to climatic alterations. The climate issue is “dead” in this election, said one strategist who believes in global warming…

5 thoughts on “Romney, appealing to independents, won't soften on climate change”

  1. Look at the crap they’re trying to throw around in the Alberta election. I thought Albertans were smarter that this. Must be leakage over the Rockies from good ole British Columbia.

  2. Romney was the governor of Massachusetts when it sued the EPA and the case went to the Supreme Court, which ruled that the EPA can control carbon dioxide emissions. Romney is therefore the one who gave the EPA the legal right to destroy fossil fuels. And he says he is a conservative.

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