Obama to finish off coal in second term?

That’s the implicit message today from the enviros via Politico.

In a report about GOP exploitation of Obama’s infamous quote about “bankrupting” anyone who wants to build a coal plant and in the context of the EPA’s de facto ban on future coal-fired power plants, Politico reports:

Thus far, the administration has avoided any retrofit requirements, but environmentalists will certainly push for retrofit requirements if Obama sees a second term.

You can bet that the reporter isn’t offering her opinion, but rather what the enviros have told her.

4 thoughts on “Obama to finish off coal in second term?”

  1. In “The Divine Comedy”, Dante Alighieri (1265–1321) relates the punishment of those who presumed, while living, to predict future events. It is to have their heads reversed and set backwards on their bodies, so that, being deprived of the power to see before them, they are forced forever to walk backward.
    They are not always wise enough thereafter to cease their incoherent prattling.

  2. COAL IS FINISHED IN THE USA, imo, in the Nobama 2nd term, now almost CERTAIN because of the Spanish vote-tabulating firm SCYTL, which WILL be “hacked-into” causing a 90% Ramney landslide to be a NOBAMA landslide. The Globalists only want a president for 8 years or MORE, at a time, so the Republicans, if they “win”, will have “jumped their turn”, so even WITHOUT the expected, imo, SCYTL-FRAUD, the GLOBALISTS don’t want to “change horses”. Also the gas for cars will be MUCH lower a few months before the election($2-3/gal), and that alone will fund a bit of a “boom”, but post-election, gas will SOAR going up to maybe $9/gal or more(–what Chu said he wanted). The Supremes may STAY threatened, approving Nobama care and incidently, TRASHING their own pensions, because Nobama care is un-sustainable, so although it may take 2-3 more years, we WILL default before 5 years, imo. Two years from now, I DOUBT that ANY coal-plants in the USA will be running. The coal power-plants had BETTER switch NOW to gas, to pass the costs forward to offset lower gasoline prices. I have no gas-conversion “interests”, I only want the power Consortiums to continue to be able to deliver power and bill for that. The Tragedy to all of this, is that Red China is still adding a coal plant a month to their grid, and any coal mined in the USA COULD be sent to Red China, as something they will PAY for, but mines will be shut-down, if they aren’t being shut-down now. With gas-conversions, utilitie’s billings will double, but Nobama sees that as an “opportunity” to TAX(“cap”) more, givng subsidies to the poor for utilities, who will probably need them over the winter.

  3. “You can bet that the reporter isn’t offering her opinion, but rather what the enviros have told her.”

    Only safe bet here is that this is your opinion of how somebody else’s opinion is influenced by the opinion of others, of course what actually transcribed is irrelevant since this is entirely conjecture based

  4. The potential for mischief is far worse than you can imagine. If the EPA enacts its proposed rule that carbon dioxide from electric power generation can’t exceed one pound per kilowatt-hour for new electric power plants is extended to all power plants; this will be the end of coal. Next the EPA can lower the requirement carbon dioxide can’t exceed 0.8 pounds per kilowatt-hour and that is the ende of all fossil fuels for electric power generation.

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