3 thoughts on “Must Read: The Great Stalin Plan for the Transformation of Nature”

  1. Basically, we one again see that politicized science always fails…..because it stops being science.

  2. The entire plan wasn’t junk science. I learned about it by investigating long windbreaks that I discovered on Google Earth. They were planted for erosion control, inspired by similar projects in the US, and there are over 6,000 km of them. So far, I’ve located about 1,000 km of them. Some of them run for hundreds of miles, virtually unbroken triple rows of trees. They’re about the biggest man-made things I’ve seen on GE.

  3. Lysenko had “brushed aside all recommendations and advice given to him by foresters, denouncing these experts as reactionaries….

    Or, in modern parlance, denialists.

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