Industry, enviros agree: EPA lying about plans for greenhouse gas rules

Greenwire reports:

Environmentalists and industry advocates who battle constantly on climate change issues have found common ground.

Both sides agree that U.S. EPA intends to promulgate a rule limiting emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases from existing power plants.

As evidence, both point to the proposed emissions rule released last month for new power plants that refers in several places to a future standard for existing emission sources.

The proposed new-source standard — 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per megawatt-hour — doesn’t apply to existing power plants that are modified to comply with other air pollution rules and increase CO2 emissions, EPA explains on page 52 of the proposed rule, because “those projects would involve equipment changes to improve efficiency to meet the requirements of a future [Clean Air Act, Section] 111(d) rulemaking for existing sources.”

And EPA says on page 268 that in addition to limiting greenhouse gas emissions from future power plants, the proposed new source rule “serves as a necessary predicate for the regulation of existing sources within this source category under section 111(d).”

The Office of Management and Budget appears to have trimmed other, more explicit references to EPA’s future plans that were part of the rule when it arrived for review at the White House.

Left on OMB’s cutting-room floor: “At a future date, EPA intends to promulgate emission guidelines for states to develop plans reducing CO2 emissions from existing fossil-fuel-fired” power plants.

EPA officials have been as vague in recent months, with Administrator Lisa Jackson and air chief Gina McCarthy insisting on Capitol Hill, in blog posts and elsewhere that the agency has “no plans” to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants.

But EPA is required to do just that under Section 111 of the Clean Air Act. And environmentalists — including groups that have sued EPA to regulate CO2 — have expressed no concern that that agency might renege on its court-ordered agreement to introduce new source performance standards for new and existing power plants and petroleum refineries…

3 thoughts on “Industry, enviros agree: EPA lying about plans for greenhouse gas rules”

  1. Imagine that, government officials lying to the public. Just swallow the pill and everything will be fine.

  2. The Communist goal is to destroy the USA economy using the EPA. The “Bilderborgs” agree, and even, imo, TOLD Nobama to tell the EPA to “Crash the Economy”. WHY would Nobama WANT to do that? Because usually, the Worse the Economy is, the better it is for Democrats. Nobama is NOT depending on ANY white male voters, thinking: -the special interests, -the women, -the unions, -the minorities, legal/not, will “carry his day”, plus this all was Bush’s “fault”, right?. If not, there’s SCYTL in the wings, to be “hacked-into” so the Vote is Nobama’s no matter What. Nobama might not be aware of the expected, imo, SCYTL-hack. While a Noble man, Ramney’s handler’s are turning him to the Center, and EVERY TIME that occurs, the election is THROWN! Does Ramney REALIZE he’s THROWING his Election, by moving to the Center & “pandering (Nobama-‘lite’)?” Ramney could gain some of the Hispanics with Rubio as Veep-candidate or some of the blacks with Adam West as Veep-candidate, but both minorities won’t be gained with one of them. Just to fracture Nobama Hispanic-voters, Rubio should get the Nod, even if he out-powers Ramney, like Palin gave McCain more votes than he otherwise would have had. If the EPA fails to meet its stated times for proposal-implementation, the EPA can get MORE than what it wanted, via “friendly lawsuits” from Non-profits supporting its agenda of Economic Shut-down. With this device, the States are “cut-out”: even though Federal judges have TOLD the EPA to include the States. A LOT of Electric-power will be OFF this fall, and that should doom Nobama, except for the “SCYTL”-trump card, giving Nobama another four years. In ’36, the Republicans allowed higher taxes, and only reaped Pearl Harbor. Imo, with an increasingly centrist Ramney, Republicans must focus on the Congressional races, to save the Republic. PS. To retain Hispanics, Nobama’s going to remove the Cuba embargo, IMO, which should garantee him Florida, even though his Dept. of State currently opposes such a move.

  3. Here’s something else industry and their antagonists will eventually agree on: Whatever the EPA comes up with, it will be better for the EPA than for whatever “service” they claim to be performing.

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