EPA admits deleting grants to Gleick: Claims mysterious tech glitch

EPA admitted that grants to Deniergate’s Peter Gleick were deleted from its Grants Award Database.

The admission came in a response to a Freedom of Information Act response filed by Steve Milloy on Feb. 23.

Though the agency admits the deletion occurred, it claims the deletion resulted from a “technical problem.” Good luck trying to understand the agency’s explanation, though:

As we pointed out on Feb. 23 when we reported the grant deletions, only the grants to Gleick’s Pacific Institute seemed to be missing.

Are we to believe that the EPA’s claimed excuse — i.e., the “partial load of the data” — included all but the Gleick grants?

The EPA’s answer is gobbledygook that is meant to stonewall as opposed to explain. Kafka would have been impressed.

Click for the EPA response.

10 thoughts on “EPA admits deleting grants to Gleick: Claims mysterious tech glitch”

  1. This is similar to the technical problem that occurred at EPA when a member of its computer staff “inadvertently” erased all of the subpoenaed records of meetings between Carol Browner and members of activist groups after he was “instructed to remove the video games” that Browner’s son had installed on her machine. EPA is wearing this excuse out.

  2. EPA’s power and reach are largely due to technical errors. It’s business as usual. Who should be surprised?

  3. Bureaucratize for “We know information should not be withheld, but information was withheld.” Press on for how it was only Gleick affected, who was involved, what did they do and why, exactly, do they do it.

  4. They have had years to perfect that the art of deception.

    From a review of events over the past sixty-six years (2012-1946 = 66 yr), it appears that the fear of “nuclear fires” consuming Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945 compelled world leaders to immediately:

    a.) Unite Nations, and in the future to
    b.) Hide Information on energy that ignites “nuclear fire”

    The UK’s Royal Society, the US National Academy of Sciences, the United Nations and the Noble Prize Committee seem to have worked together to discredit reliable new information on:

    1. “Natural nuclear fires” on Earth in 1956
    2. “Nuclear fire” in the Sun in 1975, . . 2005
    3. “Slow nuclear fires” in cold fusion in 1989
    4. “Natural nuclear fires” in planetary cores

    The rest of the story, as I see it, is documented here:


    Since 1946, almost every major field of science has been compromised: Astronomy, astrophysics, atomic physics cosmology, climatology, nuclear, particle, planetary, and solar physics.

    I encourage you all to respond there so we can benefit from the diversity of opinions.

    Thanks to real scientists, skeptics like you,

    All is well today,
    Oliver K. Manuel

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