7 thoughts on “Dept. of Propaganda: Obama administration issues 'Energy Literacy' pamphlet”

  1. Gamecock has the link, it looks like. “Don’t be an illterate. Think of it like we do.” Definitely an anti-fossil piece. If I could change one thing, it would be the global susidy chart. I would make them define “subsidy” and make them disclose $ubsidy per BTU. A disproportionate amount goes to subsidize the ineffective.

    Bottom line: They want you to think that they can replace the energy markets with government dependent sources like wind, solar and algae. When they say systems based, they mean central planning government based. This Department of Energy is not your Daddy’s DOE.

  2. Where ever the link is, I tried googling “energy literacy.” Not pretty.

    energyliteracy.org is pushing the “get off ‘traditional sources’ of power” rant.

    They’re also pushing that it does no good to start taking advantage of our resources now because it will take years to come on line.

    Considering they are using the same name, I can only imagine they are pushing the same agenda.

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