Coal-fired power = racism?

Enviros attempt to smear coal-fired power plants as a cause of asthma among black children.

Read Dave Roberts’ “Black people get asthma so everybody else can get cheap power.”

Read Dominque Brown’s “The Racial Politics of Asthma.”

Note both cite Sen. Jeff Sessions’ recent remark that air pollution victims are “unidentified and imaginary” — a fact the Senator got from

4 thoughts on “Coal-fired power = racism?”

  1. Ohh. Eric Baumholer. African-Americans are NOT endangered; they’re an historic minority group that’s actually growing faster than the Euro-American population. But, for individuals of any color who feel endangered by asthma, may I suggest exploring the possible benefits of (1) removing mold from the home, (2) removing food allergy triggers (often milk) from the diet, and (3) removing chemical allergy triggers (my biggest one was chlordane) from the victim’s immediate vicinity. I suspect these will cure asthma regardless of exposure to coal smoke.

  2. The connection is completely obvious. Minorities are disproportionately affected because, if you’re willing to look at the actual statistical proof, they’re still minorities. If we cleaned up the coal plants, these endangered populations would return from the brink of doom and not be minorities anymore.

  3. The only consistent factor contributing to the maladies of the black population in America is the Democrat Party.

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