Chevy Volt production to be cut in July

The Detroit Free Press reports:

General Motors plans to halt production of the Chevrolet Volt at its Detroit-Hamtramck plant for three weeks in July, instead of the traditional two-week shutdown.

“This is (a) normal part of business as managing to market demand,” GM spokeswoman Michelle Malcho said in an e-mail.

Volt production has been idled for a five-week stretch through April 23 because dealers had a surplus of the plug-in extended-range electric vehicle…

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7 thoughts on “Chevy Volt production to be cut in July”

  1. Ford hit the wall before the financial meltdown when there was still enough liquidity in the market to keep Ford going.

  2. In response to Ford. The motor company division did not accept any government assistance, which was in line with their early 2000’s business models of sacraficing a top-two manufacturer spot for renewed profitability. However, their financial division was required to accept money for the bank bail-out as they are an FDIC financial institution, and all such institutions were required to accept the money to disguise the financial houses and banks that were in trouble as opposed to those that were viable at the time.

  3. Headache Thought for the Day:

    If the Obama admin had invested the money in domestic gas and oil production

    – that was spent instead on the Chevy Volt turkey on wheels, solar panels, algae, wind mills and other things that need to remain on artificial respiration for the duration of their existence

    where would we be today

  4. I currently own a 2006 Dodge Dakota pickup, but my next truck will be from an American non-government company like Ford, Toyota, or Nissan.

  5. Not all UAW thugs. The ones at Ford didn’t get the Obama payoff. I have bought my last GM or Chrysler product. The GM’s I have are pre-bailout.

  6. Whatever. My New Year resolution was to not ever again buy a vehicle made by UAW thugs, so if they go under….good!

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